Our Story

The Yard-bird.com Story

The Founder of Yard-bird.com has over 25 years combined experience as a landscaper, trade business owner, and manufacturer of high-quality landscaping products supplying distributors and major retailers – including top-tier hardware stores in Australia, NZ, UK, South Africa and Japan.

He believes that running a business should be made easier, resulting in a great customer experience! So, combining his understanding of running his landscaping business, manufacturing, supplying retailers, and understanding what customers want, Yard-bird.com was born.

Yard-bird.com is dedicated to providing the landscaping market with quality products and services, at the best price possible.

Yard-bird.com is that place.

Yard-bird.com, the home of landscaping

If you’re a store or supplier looking to reach online customers, or a trade professional looking to get noticed? Then you have come to the right place.

Yard-bird.com brings together the best tools, systems on a digital platform that gets you online, easily and inexpensively.

What’s in it for me?

For Homeowners 

It's 100% FREE

Connect with Service Providers instantly 

Find suppliers offering great deals quickly and easily 

For Sellers

  • Yard-bird.com is a complete, easy-to-use seller marketplace, custom designed for the landscaping industry.
  • Upload products for free, manage inventory, manage payments, more importantly, interact with your customers seamlessly, in less time than it takes to design an ad.

For Trade Professionals

  • Yard-bird.com is a complete, easy-to-use platform, custom designed by trade professionals, for trade professionals.
  • Run and manage your business in one place
  • Connect with suppliers offering great deals local and offshore


Still Not Sure?

If you have any questions, drop us a line here customersupport@yard-bird.com our team will help you to get started.